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Butoh&Dance eXchange Project

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The audience is guided in small groups through various stagings, the performances are also accompanied by live music.

At sunset from 21.00 h - duration about 120 minutes.

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Yumiko Yoshioka and delta RA'i invite to the 7th meeting between Butoh and contemporary dance at Schloss Bröllin from August 4th to 19th.

4 Japanese Butoh masters and 4 choreographers convey different styles: Atsushi Takenouchi, Seisaku, Kumotaro Mukai, Sayoko Onishi, Lola Lince, Joana von Mayer, Rianto, Felix Ruckert.!'19 and the Intolerability of Merciless Prosperity

Those who live in prosperity are well off... But are we well? Really well? Or only apparently good? Or what are the things not running well - doing worse?

We take what we want, constantly on the hunt for something "better". Searching always for an even better bargain. We want EVERYTHING. 
This is how multicorporations, banks and politicians have been selling it to us for decades: Constant growth!

We greedily plunge into everything that can satisfy our appetite for consumption. Does this indescribable greed for more have its origin in ourselves, in an inner emptiness that wants to be stuffed? Are these higher, further, faster, richer proliferations on the material level our answer to the expansion of the universe? But why doesn't humanity, caring, empathy also increase? Is this lack of equal growth in these areas the price on the spiritual level?

So where does this excessive greed and the associated destructive frenzy in the inner and especially in the outer world lead us?
We know quite well what is good for us - for our health, the environment and society - yet we do not act accordingly. Why? What forces us so vehemently into self-sabotage? Why do we saw so consistently at the branch on which we sit?

And how can we revive or transform our spiritual parts in such a way that we can once again provide more empathy for our fellow human beings and above all for our environment?

Could maybe art and especially dance help us to reintegrate ourselves into our natural processes and to become aware of our emotional potential and develop it?

Dance as transformation…

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