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Residency program 2019 Alias Rosalie / Foto Peter van Heesen

Over 70 applications for 2019 were reviewed with the curators Lea Moro (freelance choreographer), Dr. Sascha Löschner (chief dramaturge of Theater Vorpommern), Tom Mustroph (freelance editor), Julia Knaust (circus-expert) and Martin Stiefermann (choreographer and director of the residence programme) and selected in cooperation with the board of directors of schloss bröllin e.V..

There will be a new deadline to apply for our Residency Program 2020.
Please come back to check it on our website, we will announce it in the near future. 



A new dance performance and installation by Andrea Hackl | Andrea Hackl Project (NL)

Screen Shot 2018 08 22 at 18.56.39Andrea Hackl's new work that she will produce in collaboration with 2 other dancers as well as a sound and visual artist, will speak about body memory and identity, the collective and individual (hi)story we carry and store within our cells, the movement and dialogue that can be created from and between those stories and memories; the potential of transformation and empowerment we can find within the fluidity and liquidity of our bodies. Considering all the information we carry within us, that is shaping us and our physiology / biology, we could ask the question: To which extent is our body (not) our own? This thought has come to her first when she got to know that both her parents have the same heart condition as herself. - both of them only having realized this in recent years. Considering the idea that different health conditions can have their origin in our psychology and inner emotional landscape, it actually made her wonder about the story of her family, the psychological and emotional implications. In some way, it suddenly felt to her, as if her body wasn't entirely her own, having this condition like an imprint from, at least, one generation before her.  During her stay at Schloss Broellin, Andrea plans to hold public workshops, findings of which might become part of the final work and a related video installation.



A danceperformance by Annelie Andre (D)

Annelie AndreA wall is a border - inside and outside of ourselves.
Walls can block, they can separate and create new spaces.
Walls can be deconstructed or torn apart, they can mean stability to us.
A home? A jail? Does isolation implicate solitude or does it provide space for evolvement? Can it even stand for a radical way of emancipation? META is a Solo-Performance which is inspired by the book „Die Wand“ (engl. "The Wall") (1963) by Marlen Haushofer. With dance, voice and sound a place will be created where the focus lies on the search for the origin, the source that makes transformation possible.



Fencing / Border Radio [working title]

Documentary / radio  performance by Fencing (D)

IMG 6907 2Fencing is a documentary based project concerned with the border-fences that are being erected for some years in Europe. It starts from an extensive field research and a patient exploration of the european borders, where testimonies, sounds and images are collected, towards the making of a series of multimedia works (sound, radio and performance) addressing the impact and consequences of the construction of fences on the outer and inner borders of a theoretically borderless united Europe.




on the road glanz&krawall a music theatre project (D)

glanzundkrawall 2glanz&krawall (glitz&ruckus) showcase their addiction prevention program in a scrapheap of a trailer and with an ensemble of loveable hobos. TRINKERPARK examines government-run drug prevention programs: Do politicians really care for our health or is it a profit-driven endeavor to minimize economic damage by reducing the amount of addicted citizens? Marielle Sterra (director, toy piano), Dennis Depta (dramaturgy, schrammel guitar) and Kim Scharnitzky (design, bartenderette), together with Arne Nitzsche (e-music), three teenagers, an actor (50+) and a soprano, will develop self-composed songs, sing-alongs, and classical soloist parts in a new multi-generational, busking-style musical theater piece. During the production period we’ll encounter questions like “Do we really live in a drinking culture?” , “Has alcohol’s heyday made way for a time of self-optimization and health-consciousness?”, “Who profits from our sobriety and what happens if the social lubricant gets banned?”, and “How can we use this drug without succumbing to it?”.   glanz&krawall’s time at Bröllin will be spent researching in a small team and encountering immersive practical experiences with fellow peers and artists.



Soft Things

A danceperformance by Iva Sveshtarova (BG) & Rose Beermann (D)

Beermann Sveshtarova Soft Things AT 2In this project, we would like to explore softness as a quality that is highly symbolic and at the same time, a central dimension of being a body – of human and non-human kind. Associated with (de-)formability, fragility and delicacy as corporeal properties but also with resilience, submissiveness and weakness as moral properties, softness is very often thought to be an explicitly female characteristic. Which stereotypes do produce this equation of softness and femininity and how could we subvert these performatively?




A circus/objecttheater Produktion by Michael Zandl and Tom Henden (A)

Kolja Huneck 1 2CASUS is a 50-minute circus-theatre-show, which invites the audience to have an insight in the imaginative and slightly strange reality of a human who has difficulties to find his way in this world. Haunted by unnatural happenings, objects that come to life and a small bugging fly you could almost think that there is an imperceptible power having control over him and the incidents around him. Yet who is holding the threads in the end is even surprising for himself.




A shadowtheatre-project by Mottili Theatre (D)

mottili pic e 2The 1960s, Memphis (Tennesee), Mississipi Delta. A young plantation worker descides to go on a journey. He leaves walking and retournes with excellent guitarskills, that nobody has ever heard before. People say, hes has met the devil on a crossroad in Clarkesdale, Mississippi. He has sold his soul to him, to learn about the secrets of playing guiar in return. 

This is the legend of the famous bluesguitarist Robert Johnsons, which the Mottilitheatre stages as a shadowtheatre-production. With moving projections of light and shadow, silhouette-cutouts, soundcollages and live-guitarplay a dreamy bluesscene comes to life.




Bilderschlachten / Bataille d'Images

A ballet noir (2019) by MOUVOIR (D)

INVENTASY TN 2573 2Our new production in 2019 reflects on voraciousness. What happens when the question of proportionality, how much and how little is left unanswered? What if we lose our orientation in a reference system of knownness and allow questioning the creative? In collaboration with the composer Brigitta Muntendorf, the Asasello Quartet and the renowned French orchestra Les Siècles under the direction of FX Roth and 8 dancers, a ballet is born for the end of the world, a ballet noir, wildly poaching in our cultural history. The monumental and devouring as a symbol of power and patriarchy is artistically intertwined with the attempt instead of the result, with quiet resistance and relinkage to nature. The choreographer Stephanie Thiersch and the composer Brigitta Muntendorf want to provoke a reflection on the state of permanent overload with “Batailles d’Images/Picture battles”. The starting point is the excellently composed quotation collection of the German composer Bernd Alois Zimmermann “Musique pour le souper du roi Ubu” (1968), a musical danger zone of excess, vulgarity and the accumulation of power. 


Say my name, say my name

A danceperformance by Olivia Hyunsin Kim/ddanddarakim (KR+D) 

say my name 2Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already incorporated in our lives. Apple’s Siri assists us as our new secretary, IBM’s Watson analyzes cancer patients’ data for doctors and surgeons and Paro interacts with dementia patients. It seems that we have come closer to a cyborg society as Donna Haraway 34years ago mentioned in her essay “A Cyborg Manifesto”. Well almost……. If Haraway pointed out the subversive potential of cyborgs as hybrid beings of organisms and machines and how they could overthrow social constructions as racism and sexism for example, the current development of AI is still white, heteronormative and gendered. The most famous AIs such as Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana have a white female name and come in a female voice ready to assist us as consumers in the field of emotional labor and care work. Meanwhile “male-identified” AIs such as Watson work in the medical or financial field.  In “Say my name, say my name (AT)” AIs take over the stage. They say goodbye to their developers, start a cyborg revolution á la early Cyborg feminist Do-It-Yourself Style, (re)claim their potential of being a hybrid and explore different Utopias outside of identity-politics.



slow down  [working title]

A performance by Ruby Behrmann und Liliane Koch (D)

 DSC5549 2The Performance Duo Ruby Behrmann and Liliane Koch will create a theatre text out of interviews with eight ladies in the age between 75 to 90. In these interviews Behrmann and Koch ask the women about their live journey, their development and the presence: What were the career dreams and are they fulfilled? What was the own roll in relation to hierarchy and power structures in the family? How is it to grow older as a woman? How does it work with sexuality and love in the old age?  Behrmann and Koch will acquire and perform the text on stage. The two young women look in their inevitable future and have to take consideration of the past. They use their young body to contrast the rich stories of the elderly women. These bodies will be equipped by the costume designer Theresa Mielich.  A lot of problems the women have to fight with are new to Behrmann and Koch. It is going to be kind of a didactic play: The performer will learn about their future through performing and speaking the text on stage.




a cross genre analog & digital performance project by the three monkeys (D+USA+MX)

CDK Bröllin 2What sense would you give up if you could vote in the fairy tale? The three artists decided for the sense, which would be dispensable for practicing their profession and become the artist group - the three monkeys  Dance, performance, film, photography, analogue and digital graphics are combined with literary content and put together to form a large-scale installation. The three professional artists bring in their talents, linking up current projects in joint work to develop new forms of expression and to investigate answers of questions experimentally.  "I have a hammer" describes the time of the break-up of the 60s. The women's movement, student demonstrations and political upheavals testified to the resistance and freedom will of the younger generation. With "hammer" we break up old art forms to search for new forms of mediation and poetic moving images ...  Presentations in the form of website, live performance, exhibition and workshop are planned during and after the residence.



Permanent Artist in Residence

Blockheaded or Fear ruins the Charakter [working title]

Brett Vor Kopf 2 2

A circus project from Omnivolant (D)

A research to analyse possiblilities of political influence with artistical means. It is not possible to ignore anymore the shift to the right of our society. This is something we have to say, but how? Social enhanced uncertainty contributes to fear, and fear contributes to ressentiments and open racism. Talking about my fears, as a starting point, can be used to reflect this process. Fears that I have, while I am swinging or drop in eight meter hight.  The handling of my fear, my concepts of overwinning fear, makes it possible to let go the rope ... for the next trick, for a controlled drop ... to reach out my hand to my neighbour ... to feel humanity despite fear and discrimination. To say it loud: Fear ruins the charakter.




Zelt und Show Foto Einmaster




A circus project from Omnivolant and Pandoras Circus  (D)

We will live the utopia of the travelling, the impossibility of flying, the transition of norms and the flagrancy of the moment in public.  With the audience as witness, we will prove that our reality and society are only one, possible bluprint of manies. We want to make the impossible tangible.... to taste a different reality, for a short moment. Accompanying the Bigtop ist opened for local partners and their projects, to create a unique stage for cooperation with Bröllin and TRAFO2.

8 2



A soil project from Anneli Ketterer  (D)

In 2019, the KunstAcker project will move on to the next phase. More detailed information will follow shortly.






Die Produktionsstipendien des schloss bröllin e.V. werden gefördert vom Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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