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ART´s Acre

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ART´s Acre Model ART´s Acre / Anneli Ketterer

The Art´s Acre is an initiative of the schloss bröllin e.V., originating from the collaboration with the artist Anneli Ketterer. The field at the gates of Schloss Bröllins Krieg Production area for vegetables until 1990, here are 25 years of wild herbs and grasses. In 2015/16, with the support of the farmers from Fahrenwalde, the land was reclaimed by Anneli Ketterer as a studio for artists of all sports. Work with the theme soil / earth, present yourself on the field in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with LandArt, sculpture, installation or performing arts.

The Art´s Acre is not only a spatial transition of the field in the artist's residence, but also socio-political and ecological topics that are in nature, rural exodus, exploitation of raw materials, or future nutritional deficiency. The Art´sAcre in Bröllin is a long-term project that is being developed together with the people of the region. These include the village communities of the municipality Fahrenwalde and all within live also schools and day-care centers. The project seeks support from environmental and farming associations, science, politics, education and culture.

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