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Residence Program 2020

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The applications for 2020 were reviewed by the curators, Wibke Janssen, Wilma Renfordt, Claire Terrien, Sascha Löschner and Martin Stiefermann and selected in cooperation with the board of directors of schloss bröllin e.V.

In addition, the residency programme will enter into two collaborations in 2020. With the Flausen Programme, Jung artist in residence and the Choreographer Competition in Hanover.

The announcement for the 2021 Residency Programme is expected to be online from May 2020.


resi laetitia arnaudLaetitia Arnaud Company " Extinction des Feux" 
Dance (France)

This is where doubt is explored. A feeling, an impression, another reality that seems to come from an inner evil. A doubt need not necessarily undermine self-confidence, but it can influence daily life.
In general, doubts are not very popular, because they lead to negative definitions and, due to a lack of answers, cause a hellish spiral of questions. However much humanity may evolve, doubts are the obligatory companions of human evolution. I doubt, therefore I am?
Laetitia Arnaud: choreography. Clara Protar: dance.
Aurélien Bednarek: dance. Julien Arnaud: music.
Benjamin Croizy: technical and lighting director. www.cielaetitiaarnaud.com
In cooperation with  Micadanses-Paris und La Bergerie de Soffin

The residency at Schloss Bröllin is supported with the production prize at the Choreographer Competition Hanover.

resi kollapsRen Saibara, Rosiris Garrido, Clara Gracia,
Yuko Matsuyama "Collaps"

Dance & Acrobatics (Germany / Japan)

The stopping and interruption of movement sequences are the main focus of "collapse". The idea of the research is to investigate the emphasis, symbolism and ambiguity in stopping a movement with artists from European acrobatics, Indian martial arts and Nichibu, a Japanese dance.
The central starting point of the research are text excerpts from "Collapse: Why Societies Survive and Fall" by the US geographer Jared M. Diamond, which can be linked to the research topic "Stopping". "Collapse" examines tension, compression and the radiation of energy when stopping a movement.

This Residency at Schloss Bröllin is a cooperation with the Flausen Residence Program. (Scholarship Group #44)

resi ostprojektBurkhard Körner, Rika Weniger, Noah Voelker 
"EAST Project! How to make good art for East Germans?" 

Theatre-Performance (Netherlands / Germany)

What does it mean to come from a country that no longer exists? What does an East German identity mean? "OST Projekt!" fills the space between reality and fiction on the topic of East German history with very personal experiences of the changes after 1990 and different perspectives between the generations.
In order to better understand the situation and their own positions, the artists* returned to the eastern home towns of Rika and Burkhard, where they listen to and collect stories. With this project, they bring the core of the theme to the stage, allowing the audience to experience feelings of loss and transformation from three different perspectives in the theatre space.
Burkhard Körner: direction, performance, choreography. Rika Weniger: direction, performance, production. Noah Voelker: direction, dramaturgy, performance, management. un-erhoert.jimdofree.com

Funded by: Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, "Demokratie leben!", Landkreis Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, Festival „Aufstand der Utopien“, Chemnitz

resi metanoia theaterMetanoia Theatre „Shahmeran“ 
visual/physical theatre (Australia/Turkey)

Shahmeran is a devised physical and visual theatre work for children created by Australian theatre company Metanoia Theatre in collaboration with Maltepe University in Turkey and Turkish artists. The work will be presented at the Mardin International Children and Youth Theatre Festival 1-8 November 2020. Shahmeran is a mythological god/dess that emerges from Mesopotamia, an important cultural figure in the Mardin area that explores themes of nature, life, healing, power and eternity. Shahmeran is a half human half snake figure that serves as a protector against evil and as a symbol for transformation. This work is highly visual and stylised, with little language and many universal themes.

In cooperation with: Maltepe-University, Mardin International Children and Youth Theatre FestivalFunded by Australia Council for the Arts.

resi 2madproductionsMAD Projects 
„Mojo & Moni –
A Love Story at the Edge of the World“
Circus-dance-music-street theatre (Germany/USA)

A virtuosic and surreal transposition of the triumphs and confrontations of everyday life. This work juxdaposes “New Clown” with unique Aerial Techniques, Dance and Live Music. We use a new and simple apparatus, counterweight rope, as a physical metaphor for the ever rebalancing of relationship roles. A love story at the edge of the world is the story of two flighty & dynamic characters; Mojo & Moni, who are trying to stay grounded in their surprising relationship while flying, dancing and launching each other through the air. The show reveals to the audience a keyhole perspective on the absurd and tragically-comic world of human relationships.Two everyday super heros who discover the secret worlds and abilities hidden in the potential between them. A Love Story at the Edge of the World, is a dangerous and poetic, comic tour de force.
Howard Katz: Creation, Performer, aerial acrobatics, dance, clown, music
Liz William: Creation, Performer, aerial acrobatics, dance, clown, music
Peter Sweet: Direction, Co-Creation. Katja Kettner: Administration, Outside Eye.
madprojects.berlin | howardkatzz.com | liz-williams.com

resi tanja kroneTHE HOUSE / Tanja Krone, Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs
& guests "Talk to Real People (2): Overland"

Performance (Germany)

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Germany's reunification. Election campaigns take advantage of the event, a multitude of discussions are held, art festivals are created. Tanja Krone was 13 years old in September 1989. 30 years later, she sets off for Saxony. In her search for the turning point, she explores the motives from which everyone became what he/she is or seem to be today. In "Talk to Real People" the difference between "own" and "foreign" speech becomes porous. The discussion that has begun is continued in a number of diferent formats. At Schloss Bröllin, the artists and their guests will work on the second part of of performative discussions
" Talk to Real People (2): Over Land".
Tanja Krone: concept & moderation. Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs: concept & dramaturgy
Bärbel Schwarz: music. Joel Wardenga: political education. www.tanjakrone.de
In cooperation with: Stadt Frankenberg / Sa., Club Atomino Chemnitz, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Gedenkstätte Deutsche Teilung Marienborn. Unterstützt durch die Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung

2020 RES Cooperativa Maura Morales749022Cooperativa Maura Morales "Subjection (AT)"
Dance theatre (Germany / Cuba)

Maura Morales once again focuses from a feminine perspective on the artistic treatment of two core concepts of human suffering: dependence and subjugation.
In this piece, this kind of dependence is illustrated by the relationship between the musician (man) and the dancer. On one hand, the musician, who does not produce "his own" sounds, is dependent on the dancers generating the sounds in order to process them. On the other hand the dancer, connected to the musician by a multitude of cables, is reduced to the production of sounds. This initially very clearly comprehensible image of the dependency between man and machine mutates in the further course of the piece into a metaphor for the dependency and subjugation of women by a male-dominated worldview.
Maura Morales: choreography. Michio Woirgardt: direction and production.

In cooperation with: Ringlokschuppen/Ruhr und FFT-Düsseldorf  Foto© Klaus Handner

resi koljaKolja Huneck "CM_30"

Contemporary circus (Germany)

In this production, the vinyl is less a symbol, nor does it have the function of a record – it is the shape of the object that inspires Kolja Huneck. A thin disc of 30cm diameter, rotating in the air, rolling on the ground or balancing on a body, reflecting, scattering and colouring the light. New shapes, shadows and patterns are created. Some see it as an abstract work of art, others recognize the reflections of sunlight under the water surface. The theoretical starting point is the colour theory of Goethe, Rudolf Steiner and Josef Albers. How can philosophy flow into research with circus techniques?
Kolja Huneck: Actor, project management. Benjamin Richter: Eye from outside. Jay Gilligan: Artistic advice. Andrea Salustri: Artistic advice. Tim Oelbrandt: Lighting Design, Illusions. Arthur Wagenaar: Sound designwww.kolja.art
In cooperation with: KreativKultur Wien, Circunstruction Rotterdam, La Maison des Jonglages Paris, Bauhausstiftung Dessau, Dommelhof Neerpelt,Belgien.

resi petraBerit Einemo Frøysland "Petra"
Contemporary Dance (Germany / Norway)

A solo dance piece to Rainer Werner Fassbinder's "Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant" (1973). The movie is a triangular melodrama about a successful fashion designer and the tragic love for her younger model and protégé Karin. With this solo Berit Einemo Frøysland explores the body language of the film character "Petra" - a complex character from the Fassbinder universe, a mixture of Hollywood star, Greek nymph and fashion model. The choreographer seeks a narrative line through composed movements to the loss of control. Slipping, falling, stumbling, up to the loss of all taste and dignity.
Berit Einemo Frøysland: choreography, dance. Philipp Rhensius: Sound design. Leonie Brandner: costume design. Stefan Britze: Stage design. www.beritfroysland.com
In cooperation with: dock 11 Berlin, Tandem Programm / LAFT Berlin. Funded by the Arts Council Norway.

resi chis leuenbergerThe project sheds light on the white male body with its power and privileges and deals with questions of inequality based on gender and race. The body of the American dancer Matthew Rogers is exposed to the critical gaze of a number of women from different ethnic backgrounds who are invited to rehearse "ain't got no, I got life". Their descriptions and interpretations will be recorded and evaluated. What does the white man stand for? What justifies his presence? What do we project onto him? The choreographic structure is based on the song "ain't got no, I got life" by Nina Simone.
Chris Leuenberger: Concept, choreography, artistic direction. Matthew Rogers: dance, collaborative choreography. Sally de Kunst: mentoring. Thomas Jeker: Sound. Fatin Abbas: Text. Pascale Altenburger, Serena Dankwa, Lea Martini, Monika Truong, Living Smile Vidya: Outside Eyes / Voices. Sabine Jud: Production management. www.chrisleuenbergerproductions.com
Supported by Kultur Stadt Bern, Kultur Kanton Bern and the Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art.

RESIDENCE 17.02.-01.03.20 |Showing FEB 29 | 19:00

resi alb vereinKünstlerkollektiv Der Schwäbische Online-Albverein
Performance Art (Germany)

The collective goes on performative hiking – online and offline. In day-long performances, they click their way through the Black Forest or climb the highest mountain in the solar system on Mars, they make Google Maps their gallery, or walk around a house for eight hours and declare the resulting trail a temporary sculpture. While the importance of geographical location disappears, new virtual latitudes emerge. Virtual and real world intertwine, actions in one sphere affect the other. New opportunities and risks open up. Reality does not end at the screen.
Kai Fischer: performer, hiker, planner. Helen Weber: performer, hiker, planner.
Marcus Schreiter: programmer, hiker, planner. www.s-o-av.de
In cooperation with the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart.


Permanent artist in residenceOmnivolant und Anneli Ketterer.

Info & Kontakt: Martin Stiefermann, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

logoleiste residenzprogramm
Das Residenzprogramm des schloss bröllin e.V. wird gefördert durch das Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und dem Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald.
Sunday, 16 June 2019 15:49

Fotos 2019

Written by

The photographer Peter van Heesen shows what was going on at Schloss Bröllin in 2019.

Have fun browsing through the site https://www.vanheesen.de/broellin


 Residence Program 2019 


Bilderschlachten / Bataille d'Images

A ballet noir (2019) by MOUVOIR (D)

2019 RES MouvoirThe production 2019 reflects on voraciousness. What happens when the question of proportionality, how much and how little is left unanswered? What if we lose our orientation in a reference system of knownness and allow questioning the creative? In collaboration with the composer Brigitta Muntendorf, the Asasello Quartet and the renowned French orchestra Les Siècles under the direction of FX Roth and 8 dancers, a ballet is born for the end of the world, a ballet noir, wildly poaching in our cultural history. The monumental and devouring as a symbol of power and patriarchy is artistically intertwined with the attempt instead of the result, with quiet resistance and relinkage to nature. The choreographer Stephanie Thiersch and the composer Brigitta Muntendorf want to provoke a reflection on the state of permanent overload with “Batailles d’Images/Picture battles”. The starting point is the excellently composed quotation collection of the German composer Bernd Alois Zimmermann “Musique pour le souper du roi Ubu” (1968), a musical danger zone of excess, vulgarity and the accumulation of power.
Artistic Director: Choreography Stephanie Thiersch. Music Director: Composition: Brigitta Muntendorf. Les Siècles Orchestra: Conductor Benjamin Shwartz. Asasello Quartet: Rostislav Kozhevnikov (1st violin), Barbara Streil (2nd violin), Teemu Myöhänen (cello), Justyna Sliwa (viola). Costume: Sita knife. Costume Assistance: João Lamego. Lighting Design / Technical Direction: Begoña Garcia Navas Choreography / Performance: Fabien Almakiewicz, Neus Barcons, Alexis, Maca 'Fernández, Julien Ferranti, Gyung Moo Kim, Alexandra Naudet, Camille Revol, Joel Suárez Gómez. Choreographic assistant: Marcela Ruíz Quintero. Outside Eye: Stawrula Panagiotaki, Fabrice Ramalignom. Sound: Maximilian Johannson. Photography: Martin Rottenkolber. Management: Tanja Baran, Béla Bisom. Production Manager: Karoline Henze, Anna-Mareen Henke.Thanks to the artists of Inventasy 1 and Inventasy 2.
A production by MOUVOIR / Stephanie Thiersch in cooperation with Brigitta Muntendorf, Asasello Quartet, Orchestra Les Siècles.
Premiere 9 May 2019 Théâtre de Nîmes, France. Premiere Germany Sept. 22, 2019 Beethovenfest Bonn. 24. Sept. 2019 Performance at the tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf. www.mouvoir.de

In coproduction with Théâtre de Nîmes, Beethovenfest Bonn, tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf ensemblenetzwerk Freihandelszone. Funded by: Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Kunststiftung NRW, Ministery für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln.

RESIDENCE 03.-10.03 |Showing March 9 | 19:30


A music theatre project on the road by Glanz&Krawall (D)

2019 RES Trinkerpark"Glitz&Ruckus" showcase their addiction prevention program in a scrapheap of a trailer and with an ensemble of loveable hobos.
TRINKERPARK examines government-run drug prevention programs: Do politicians really care for our health or is it a profit-driven endeavor to minimize economic damage by reducing the amount of addicted citizens? Marielle Sterra (director, toy piano), Dennis Depta (dramaturgy, schrammel guitar) and Kim Scharnitzky (design, bartenderette), together with Arne Nitzsche (e-music), three teenagers, an actor (50+) and a soprano, will develop self-composed songs, sing-alongs, and classical soloist parts in a new multi-generational, busking-style musical theater piece. During the production period we’ll encounter questions like “Do we really live in a drinking culture?” , “Has alcohol’s heyday made way for a time of self-optimization and health-consciousness?”, “Who profits from our sobriety and what happens if the social lubricant gets banned?”, and “How can we use this drug without succumbing to it?”. Glanz&Krawall’s time at Schloss Broellin will be spent researching in a small team and encountering immersive practical experiences with fellow peers and artists. www.glanzundkrawall.com

Premier: 2019 September 18  MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN +  September 19 
September 25/26 Theaterdiscounter, Berlin
Spring 2020 Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig. Summer 2020 Kleist Forum Frankfurt Oder.

RESIDENCE 25.03.-07.04 | Showing April 5 | 19:00


A shadowtheatre-project by Mottili Theatre (D)

2019 RES Crossroads DSC6735The 1960s, Memphis (Tennesee), Mississipi Delta. A young plantation worker descides to go on a journey. He leaves walking and retournes with excellent guitarskills, that nobody has ever heard before. People say, hes has met the devil on a crossroad in Clarkesdale, Mississippi. He has sold his soul to him, to learn about the secrets of playing guiar in return. This is the legend of the famous bluesguitarist Robert Johnsons, which the Mottili Theatre stages as a shadowtheatre-production. With moving projections of light and shadow, silhouette-cutouts, soundcollages and live-guitarplay a dreamy bluesscene comes to life. www.mariedonath.net

06. Sept. 2019 Schattentheaterfestival COCOLORI
20:00 Figurentheater Grashüpfer, Germany

Puppet and Shadow Theater festival, Türkei

RESIDENCE 25.03.-07.04 | Showing April 5 | 19:00


A circus/ theater Produktion by Michael Zandl and Tom Henden (A)

2019 RES JanusCASUS is a circus-theatre-show, which invites the audience to have an insight in the imaginative and slightly strange reality of a human who has difficulties to find his way in this world. Haunted by unnatural happenings, objects that come to life and a small bugging fly you could almost think that there is an imperceptible power having control over him and the incidents around him. Yet who is holding the threads in the end is even surprising for himself. "Janus" is a weird, chirpy, magical, humorous, Kafkaesque psycho thriller that contains one thing above all: hats.
Duration: approx. 50 minutes, play: Michael Zandl, Special FX: Tom Henden, Director: Matthias Romir. www.michaelzandl.com

29.5.2019 - Freudenhaus Lustenau (AUT)
1.6.2019 - 21. Freiburger Jonglierfestival (D)
18.6.2019 - Klovnbuf Festival Ljubljana (SLO)
26.-27.6.2019 - Kristallwerk Graz (AUT)
5.-15.9.2019 - Fringe Festival Amsterdam (NL)
28.9.2019 - Korzo Den Haag (NL)

See the TrailerFoto@Kolja Huneck

RESIDENCE 25.03.-07.04 | Showing April 5 | 19:00


A new dance performance and installation by Andrea Hackl | Andrea Hackl Project (NL)

2019 RES VoiceAndrea Hackl's new work that she will produce in collaboration with 2 other dancers as well as a sound and visual artist, will speak about body memory and identity, the collective and individual (hi)story we carry and store within our cells, the movement and dialogue that can be created from and between those stories and memories; the potential of transformation and empowerment we can find within the fluidity and liquidity of our bodies. Considering all the information we carry within us, that is shaping us and our physiology / biology, we could ask the question: To which extent is our body (not) our own? This thought has come to her first when she got to know that both her parents have the same heart condition as herself. - both of them only having realized this in recent years. Considering the idea that different health conditions can have their origin in our psychology and inner emotional landscape, it actually made her wonder about the story of her family, the psychological and emotional implications. In some way, it suddenly felt to her, as if her body wasn't entirely her own, having this condition like an imprint from, at least, one generation before her.  During her stay at Schloss Broellin, Andrea plans to hold public workshops, findings of which might become part of the final work and a related video installation.

RESIDENCE 27.04.-20.05 | Showing Mai 19 | 17:30


A danceperformance by Annelie Andre (D)

2019 RES MetaA wall is a border - inside and outside of ourselves. Walls can block, they can separate and create new spaces. Walls can be deconstructed or torn apart, they can mean stability to us.A home? A jail? Does isolation implicate solitude or does it provide space for evolvement? Can it even stand for a radical way of emancipation?
META is a Solo-Performance which is inspired by the book „Die Wand“ (engl. "The Wall") (1963) by Marlen Haushofer. With dance, voice and sound a place will be created where the focus lies on the search for the origin, the source that makes transformation possible.@annelieandre

Premier 29.06. Acker Stadt Palast Berlin | 30.06. performance.

RESIDENCE 06.-20.05 | Showing Mai 19 | 17:30


Say my name, say my name

A dance performance by Olivia Hyunsin Kim/ddanddarakim (KR,D) 

2019 RES SayMyNameArtificial Intelligence (AI) is already incorporated in our lives. Apple’s Siri assists us as our new secretary, IBM’s Watson analyzes cancer patients’ data for doctors and surgeons and Paro interacts with dementia patients. It seems that we have come closer to a cyborg society as Donna Haraway 34years ago mentioned in her essay “A Cyborg Manifesto”. Well almost... If Haraway pointed out the subversive potential of cyborgs as hybrid beings of organisms and machines and how they could overthrow social constructions as racism and sexism for example, the current development of AI is still white, heteronormative and gendered. The most famous AIs such as Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana have a white female name and come in a female voice ready to assist us as consumers in the field of emotional labor and care work. Meanwhile “male-identified” AIs such as Watson work in the medical or financial field.  In “Say my name, say my name” AIs take over the stage. They say goodbye to their developers, start a cyborg revolution á la early Cyborg Do-It-Yourself Style,(re)claim their potential of being a hybrid and explore different Utopias outside of identity-politics. ddanddarakim.net

Premier September 12 at Sophiensaele, Berlin. Buy Tickets , see Trailer
Further performances: September 13/14/15 at Sophiensaele, Berlin
and October 5 / 6 at Art Sonje Center, Seoul / Corea.

RESIDENCE 06.-14.05 | Showing Mai 19 | 17:30

Wrestling with the language

A dance performance by tYhle (CZ)

2019 RES WrestlingWithLanguage"A spoken language is a body, a living creature, whose physiognomy is verbal and whose visceral functions are linguistic. And this creature's home is the inarticulate as well as the articulate." -John Berger. Wrestling with Language is an examination within the fields of linguistics, visual arts and performing arts, trying to better understand the “creature” that John Berger talks about and a will to invite it for a dance.. In this new project, the performer and choreographer Florent Golfier focuses on the subject of monolingualism as a meeting point between the need for rules and the need for freedom, between the normative language and its actual, multiple and uncontrollable uses. Through movement and sound, he seeks to challenge the norm, to twist pronunciation, to prefer the absurdity of speech over empty discourse. He seeks to break the codes, and with his entire body to scream out loud and declare his right to distort. http://tyhle.cz

RESIDENCE 08.-14.07 | Showing July 13 | 19:00


An audiovisual dance research by 12H Dance (KOR, GR, D)

2019 RES Borderland

"BorderLand" seeks to explore visible and invisible boundaries relating to human communication and interaction. Starting from micro perspectives of the human body's physiological/psychological intricacies, we expand to the macro level of geographical border socio-political identity definitions. The dialogue of moving bodies and negotiation of personal boundaries solidifies into the creation of spatial intersections defining then the unit within the gestalt.
The movement research of "BorderLand“ is elaborated allegorical to that by the combination of innovative sound and video technology with contemporary dance. Picture and sound responding to the moving dancers and in turn affect the movement of them. The various layers form an allegory of our world in which every action of an individual can trigger a flood of responses. Thus everyone creates his own social limitations and feed them at the same time with new input. How can one escape this invisible cage? 12H Dance investigate the phenomenon of invisible borders in a multimedia microcosm. 
Yamila Khodr & Moonsuk Choi: Dance. Erato Tzavara: Video. Albrecht Ziepert: Music. www.12hdanceproject.com

Residence 21.-31.07 | Showing July 27 | 19:00

Soft Things

A dance performance by Iva Sveshtarova & Rose Beermann ( BG, D)

2019 RES SlowDownIn "Soft Things", two bodies will explore the equation of softness and femininity and travel through different forms of being. Softness is both a highly symbolic quality and at the same time, a central dimension of corporeality – be it of human or non-human kind. Associated with formability, fragility and delicacy as body properties, but also with flexibility and submis-siveness as characteristic traits, softness is very often thought to be an explicitly feminine attribute. In this performance, two bodies are going through a hard process to become soft things.

‘Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.’ 

Concept, Realization and Performance: Rose Beermann, Iva Sveshtarova | Dramaturgy: Frauke Havemann | Stage and Costume: Anne Horny | Sound Design: Emilian Gatsov - Elbi | Lighting Design: Rosa Wernecke | Production: ehrliche arbeit – freelance office for culture | Public Relations: Jennifer Beck

A production by Rose Beermann und Iva Sveshtarova. In collaboration with
Uferstudios Berlin, TATWERK | Performative Forschung, Aula im Milchhof e.V. und dem Residenzprogramm schloss bröllin e.V. Gefördert aus Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Foto Stefanie Kulisch, Design Lisa klinkenberg. 
rosebeermann.de  | www.ivasveshtarova.wordpress.com

October 10 / 11 / 12 / 13
 , 20:30, Uferstudios Berlin (Studio 1) Tickets: www.uferstudios.com

RESIDENCE 25.08.-15.09 | Showing September 7 | 19:00


slow down  [working title]

A performance by Ruby Behrmann und Liliane Koch (D)

2019 RES SoftThingThe direction duo Ruby Behrmann and Liliane Koch prefers to work with experts of old age. In their "Damengedeck" project, for example, they collaborate with various home decorators in Germany. Their aim is to make the perspective of old ladies visible and audible and to make the residential pens accessible through a site-specific approach. The focus is on intergenerational exchange. 

Up to now, the directors have been in contact with older people's residences in which only old white people live. In nursing, on the other hand, skilled workers with migration experience dominate. This observation raised the question of their perspective. How do the residents* of the residential home meet these people? What about the power dynamics between the carer and the cared for person? Within their residence at Schloss Bröllin, Koch and Behrmann develop a performative sketch on the subject. www.rubybehrmann.de

RESIDENCE 25.08.-08.09 | Showing September 7 | 19:00


A cross genre analog & digital performance project by The Three Monkeys (D,USA,MX)

2019 RES HAMMERWhat sense would you give up if you could vote in the fairy tale? The three artists decided for the sense, which would be dispensable for practicing their profession and become the artist group - the three monkeys  Dance, performance, film, photography, analogue and digital graphics are combined with literary content and put together to form a large-scale installation. The three professional artists bring in their talents, linking up current projects in joint work to develop new forms of expression and to investigate answers of questions experimentally.  "I have a hammer" describes the time of the break-up of the 60s. The women's movement, student demonstrations and political upheavals testified to the resistance and freedom will of the younger generation. With "hammer" we break up old art forms to search for new forms of mediation and poetic moving images ...  Presentations in the form of website, live performance, exhibition and workshop are planned during and after the residence.  
www.daniela melzig.de | www.kendramacedance.com

RESIDENCE 25.08.-16.09 | Showing September 14 & 15
14.09. Video & installation 15:00 - 20:00, Live Act 19:00
15.09. Video & installation 12:00 - 17:00, Live Act 16:00


Fencing / Border Radio [working title]

Documentary / radio performance by Fencing (D / HR)

2019 RES FencingFencing is a documentary based project concerned with the border-fences that are being erected for some years in Europe. It starts from an extensive field research and a patient exploration of the european borders, where testimonies, sounds and images are collected, towards the making of a series of multimedia works (sound, radio and performance) addressing the impact and consequences of the construction of fences on the outer and inner borders of a theoretically borderless united Europe. www.fencing-borders.cc

The project is coproduced and supported by: ekscenawiesen55 e.V., ministry of culture of the republic of Croatia and city of Zagreb.

RESIDENCE 15.-28.09 | Showing September 27 | 18:30



Les Chronophages (F)

2019 RES MazeThe French theater-dance company Les Chronophages starts a new research on memory and the palimpsest body. This second play, called MAZE, is an interdisciplinary project sailing between dance, music and visual arts. For that, the choreographer Ophelie Brunet invites the Colombian visual and sound artist Eliana Beltran to dive into layers of time. MAZE will be a visual and choreographic poem dedicated to the Gorecki’s 3rd symphony, re-imagined by the American saxophonist Colin Stetson. MAZE is an organic system where everything dances and vibrates (dancers, lights, objects, drums, screens…). In a circular device, the audience will be immersed into the musical work of Stetson. The whole body of everyone will be involved by this poetic and sensitive adventure. @leschronophages

RESIDENCE 07.-14.09 | Showing September 14


Permanent Artist in Residence

Blockheaded or Fear ruins the Charakter [working title]

A circus project from Omnivolant (D)

2019 RES Omnivolant

A research to analyse possiblilities of political influence with artistical means. It is not possible to ignore anymore the shift to the right of our society. This is something we have to say, but how? Social enhanced uncertainty contributes to fear, and fear contributes to ressentiments and open racism. Talking about my fears, as a starting point, can be used to reflect this process. Fears that I have, while I am swinging or drop in eight meter hight.  The handling of my fear, my concepts of overwinning fear, makes it possible to let go the rope ... for the next trick, for a controlled drop ... to reach out my hand to my neighbour ... to feel humanity despite fear and discrimination. To say it loud: Fear ruins the charakter. www.omnivolant.de



Our Circus – Your Stage

A circus project from Omnivolant and Pandoras Circus (D)
2019 Circus

We will live the utopia of the travelling, the impossibility of flying, the transition of norms and the flagrancy of the moment in public.  With the audience as witness, we will prove that our reality and society are only one, possible bluprint of manies. We want to make the impossible tangible.... to taste a different reality, for a short moment. Accompanying the Bigtop ist opened for local partners and their projects, to create a unique stage for cooperation with Bröllin and TRAFO2. www.omnivolant.de

Showing April 23



A soil project from Anneli Ketterer (D)2019 Kunstacker

In 2019, the KunstAcker project will move on to the next phase. More detailed information:https://kunstacker.org





The applications for 2019 were reviewed with the curators Lea Moro (freelance choreographer), Dr. Sascha Löschner (chief dramaturge of Theater Vorpommern), Tom Mustroph (freelance editor), Julia Knaust (circus-expert) and Martin Stiefermann (choreographer and director of the residence programme) and selected in cooperation with the board of directors of schloss bröllin e.V.


logoleiste residenzprogramm 
The Residency Program of Schloss Bröllin is supported by  the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in the federal state of Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania and the rural district of Vorpommern-Greifswald (Landkreis).


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ART´s Acre

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Preparing the SOIL for Culture

Art’sAcre – a SOIL laboratory for art and science.
The regional and participative project transforms a piece of arable land into an interdisciplinary and transcultural SOIL action space. The aim is to experience, research, develop and adapt with all senses and understanding in order to sharpen the perception of the relevance of SOIL and culture in society.

The 600 m2 piece of acre in Bröllin offers existing earth materials and space for practical, artistic and social research. On the Art’sAcre, all senses and minds experience, research, develop and adapt to sharpen the perception of the relevance of soil and culture in society.
At present, the rough landscape design of the KunstAcker is being carried out by rearranging the excavated material on the site. Further processing and detailed design of the various working areas on the KunstAcker will then take place in working meetings, workshops and art residences.

Workshops 2019
Clay building 3 September | 9:00-18:00
Floor window 16 September | 9:00-17:00
Habitat Soil 18 September | 16:00-20:00
Compost – Terra Preta – Bokashi – Biol 21. September | 10:00-17:00
Earth space: conception, creation and burning | October 03 – 06

And Residencies 2019

Participation in the workshops is free of charge. Catering 8€ per person/ day. 
Registration and information: Susanne Völlm, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vorpommern tanzt an

The joint initiative of Perform[d]ance, Schloss Bröllin and the Theater Vorpommern, presents, produces and teaches contemporary dance in Vorpommern and motivates dance makers to exchange and further educate and to get people moving. New formats and diverse actions make dance art more visible - in the region and in the rest of the world.

MOVIN 'BRÖLLIN has made it its mission to accompany the production of contemporary dance and to anchor dance in the region together with artists from Western Pomerania and from outside. From advising concept approaches and workshops to the exchange of artists in the context of residences to teaching dance and a tour of Vorpommern's theater - MOVIN 'BRÖLLIN offers artists opportunities to produce dance and help shape a network. 

MOVIN 'BRÖLLIN brings institutions, dance creators and inhabitants of Vorpommern into contact with each other in various formats in order to produce, show, experience and discuss dance on the spot.

Production residencies

Once a year, a production residency for dance is advertised, which deals with the region Vorpommern and its people. The selected production residencies for the following year are announced in October. The call for applications for the 2021 production residence will (probably) end in the summer of 2020. The production will be produced in three phases of about two weeks each; seven performances of the piece at four locations in the region will be realised in cooperation with the partner Theater Vorpommern. http://www.theater-vorpommern.de/

aktuel grenzlandMVThe jury selected the project Grenz.land, a transdisciplinary dance piece with live music, video and installations, from more than twenty international applications for 2020.

How does it feel to be involved? The multimedia production of the international dance company 12H Dance deals with this question in a sensual, sound- and image-rich way in a dialogue with citizens from the Vorpommern region. The cooperation between the German-Argentinian-South Korean choreographer duo Yamila Khodr and Moonsuk Choi (12H dance), the Greek video artist Erato Tzavara, the Berlin composer Albrecht Ziepert and the Bröllin artist Anneli Ketterer (KunstAcker/Decrustate) expands the stage into public space with their installations across genres. The production is being developed at Schloss Bröllin and will be premiered in August 2020 in cooperation with the Theater Vorpommern.

Contributors wanted! You live in MV, but were not born here?
For the video dance project, the production residence Tanzkompanie 12h dance is looking for movers and shakers who were not born in Mecklenburg Vorpommern.
"How, when and why did you end up in Mecklenburg Vorpommern? Do you feel arrived?" The choreographer Yamila Khodr and the video artist Erato Tzavara invite you to join them in a workshop to trace their own history through movement. Together they will create video material which will then be incorporated into the multimedia dance piece Grenz.land, which will premiere in August 2020 at the Theater Vorpommern.
Whether young or young at heart, with or without dance experience - everyone is welcome to participate.

Workshop dates 2020
Castle Bröllin So., 3 May from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Theater Greifswald Sa., 16 May from 10.00 to 13.00 or from 15.00 to 18.00
Theater Stralsund So., 17 May from 13.00 to 16.00 or from 17.00 to 20.00
Theater Putbus Mo., 18.5. from 17.00 to 20.00 or Tuesday, 19.5. from 14.00 to 17.00

Please register for one of the dates by 30 April 2020 at: 0152 25 12 20 48 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Production residencies and residence program Schloss Broellin - Mentoring

MOVIN 'BRÖLLIN is specifically aimed at productions in the field of contemporary dance and accompanies the production of a tourable dance piece by a team of mentors and also consultations that are geared to the specific needs of the production. In addition, accompanying offers will be implemented for the artists of the current residence program at Schloss Bröllin in order to support the work in the field of other art sectors such as drama, acrobatics etc.

Dance talk and mediation

The format "Tanzschnack" connects artists on site and, in conjunction with various mediation formats, is intended to initiate the exchange of dance in Western Pomerania. This is to form a network and anchor dance in the region.

Free scene Vorpommern - workshops and consultations

Through workshops and consultations aspiring choreographers from the region of Vorpommern are supported in the development of their work. Ideas and concepts are supported, motivation is strengthened and work opportunities are created. MOVIN 'BRÖLLIN lays the foundations for productions by artists in the region, creates a free dance scene in Western Pomerania and strengthens existing structures.

Artistic project management: Martin Stiefermann / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +49 (0) 170 2334008

Production Management & Dramaturgy: Sabine Gehm This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +49 (0) 172 4106448

Artistic cooperation and advice: Raisa Kröger / raisa.kroeger@vorpommern-tanzt-an-de  / Tel.: +49 (0) 179 4594382


A project of the association "Tanzregion Vorpommern e.V." Funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and the Western Pomerania Fund.



   logo nue web The dance performance SUPERGRÜN is supported by the foundation NUE.

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The cultural youth work is an important part of the activities at Schloss Broellin. Workshops on theatre, painting, and Hip-Hop take place each year, as well as an international youth camp and the production of a musical. These activites are attractive offers of increasing popularity for youth in the Vorpommern-Greifswald region, as well as youth from Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Litauen, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
The association develops and runs the youth projects in cooperation with other initiatives and institutions involved regional youth work. Bröllin hosts ever more visiting youth projects, and takes in volunteers through the Youth for Europe programme as well as regional interns. The programme is completed by themed youth camps, concerts with young musicians from the region, and finally international youth work.
Divided into regional, German-Polish and international projects, there is an attractive selection of yearly projects designed for youth from 13-25 years of age. Previous knowledge of artistic work is no precondition to take part. A presentation of the work – in Broellin or elsewhere – marks the end of the project.

Regional/German-Polish/International The cultural youth work in Schloss Broellin is first and foremost for the youth in the region. Due to the geographical structure of the region, not all young people have access to cultural activities. At Schloss Broellin, artistic projects and youth work lives side by side, and gives the possibility of encounters and inspirations that further the experiences of both. 
Here, the youth have the possibility to be seen on stage and through this to overcome some of their personal boundaries and discover new courage and power. Theatre work gives them the possibility to play desired and feared roles, and through living this play with otherness test their own identities. The content and themes of the performance is developed together with the youth group and according to what they find important.

The German-Polish projects contribute to a regional consciousness as a border region. Even though Polen has become part of the EU, there are great differences, both culturally and materially. To give youth across the borders a chance to meet each other, and to learn to know the “other” is a goal of the German-Polish projects: to foster tolerance, respect and curiosity.

The International projects bring together participants both from EU countries and outside the EU, with the idea of “furthering horizons” and break apart clichés about other cultures that are still prevalent today. By doing a project together in Schloss Broellin, youth experience that these stereotypes are not true. Schloss Broellin’s “alternative nature” – both in the new conference centre and in the old buildings – has an unfinished feeling that animates the ideas of the young people in an exciting environment for them to explore.

Contact: Christine Lauenstein, tel. +49 (0) 39747-5650-25, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


With an area of 53,000 m², Schloss Broellin offers spaces and studios of all sizes in and outdoor.

In addition to modern, functionally equipped and multifunctional rooms for workshops, seminars and conferences, a large outdoor area is available for participatory or experimental presentations.

Rehearsing spaces and studios of different sizes and equipment for dance, theater or music productions
Modern, functional and multifunctional rooms for workshops, seminars and meetings
A wide-ranging external terrain for experimental demonstrations
Accommodation and meals

For groups and for a longer stay, individual offers can be made at a package price on request.
We grant special conditions for artists (as defined by the association).

Contact: booking(at)broellin(dot)de - Tel.: 039747- 565021 - Mobil: 0171 26 88 404

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The Association

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Schloss Broellin is an international art research location run by artists for artists and guests from all over the world.
The estate is an 800 year old heritage-protected site, situated in the German-Polish border area 40 km west of Szczecin, 6 km south of Pasewalk, and 130 km north of Berlin. Schloss Broellin offers a variety of in- and outdoor rehearsal spaces for dance, theatre and music, as well as several conference and seminar rooms. For accommodation there are a number of options available. Covering an area of 53.000 m2, there is plenty of space to experiment, train and relax. 

The Schloss Broellin Association (schloss bröllin e.V.) was founded in 1992 by a group of independent theatre makers, actors, dancers, musicians, stage designers, visual artists and other committed individuals. Working actively in international networks, the association’s aim is to substantially promote the development of the arts. The association is actively engaged in regional networks, cultural youth work, participation in the national and international cultural scene, as well as the preservation of the historic buildings on site. 

Over 500 dance-, theater- and performance projects have been developed here by artists from around the world, and later performed regionally, nationally and internationally.

Board: Katharina Husemann, Kirsten Arhipov (alias Kim Archipova), Magdalena Anna Reichard, Peter Legemann, Joachim Mohr. Statutes in German: Satzung (PDF)

The international art research location is supported by the Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und dem Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald.

That's a good start! In 2020 Schloss Bröllin is facing big, new and exciting tasks:
TRAFO2, RegioActive, new clients, residence program, movin'bröllin, country outing, compliments, up'n field; youth work... We are happy to accept the challenges and are looking for fellow players, partners, participants and employees who are willing to plunge into the adventure with us. We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2020, to good cooperation and projects that make our region even more worth living in.

aktuell TRAFOTRAFO 2 - positive funding decision "Kulturland Uecker-Randow verbindet" ("Uecker-Randow connects")
We are very pleased that we are now able to lead the transformation process for the Uecker-Randow region for the next 4 years. This will enable us to significantly expand the work for and with the region that is already underway at many levels. The decision to support "Kulturland Uecker-Randow verbindet" was preceded by several years of preparation and very intensive networking. In the development phase "Gemeinschaft stiften" a large number of people were involved, without whose commitment this wonderful success would not have been possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all. Special thanks go to the district of Vorpommern-Greifswald, without whose commitment at all levels our successful application would not have been possible. Read more in German...

aktuell RegioAktiveIn the German-Polish project "RegioActive - Socio-Cultural Activation of the Region", Schloss Bröllin is working together with Dom Kultury Goleniów on cross-border cultural activities until June 2022. With the format of the Social Community Theatre, cultural activities are conceived and carried out: Workshops, actions in public space, exchange forums, consultations and two festivals. More information will follow soon at www.broellin.de


aktuell neueauftraggeber

"Neue Auftraggeber" (New clients): the tasks for the regional anchor point Schloss Bröllin and the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are carried out by Susanne Burmester and Holger Friese together with the assistant Tanja Pfefferlein". Read more ...
In the programme "Demokratie leben!" (Living Democracy), Schloss Bröllin will continue to act as a coordination centre of "Partnerships for Democracy" for the city of Pasewalk with the Uecker-Randow-Tal district, providing advisory support for regional initiatives.

aktuel residenz2020

The Residence Programme 2020 at Schloss Bröllin:
Laetitia Arnaud Company with “ Extinction des Feux", Dance. Ren Saibara, Rosiris Garrido, Clara Gracia, Yuko Matsuyama with "Kollaps" Dance & Acrobatics. Burkhard Körner, Rika Weniger, Noah Voelker with „OST Projekt! Wie macht man gute Kunst für Ostdeutsche?" Theatre Performance. Metanoia Theatre with „Shahmeran“ Youth Theater. MAD Projects with „Mojo & Moni- A Love Story at the Edge of the World“, Cirkus-Dance-Music-Streettheatre. THE HOUSE / Tanja Krone, Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs & guests with “Mit Echten reden (2): Über Land" Performance. Cooperativa Maura Morales "Subjection (AT)" Tanztheater. Kolja Huneck with “CM_30" contemporary Circus. Berit Einemo Frøysland mit „Petra“ Dance. Natalie Baudy/Klemens Hegen mit "HM - Was ist Gegenwart?" Theatre Performance. Read more in German


aktuell landpartie

Landpartie 2020:
"Church meets bus stop - places of encounter"

Within a Country trip the public will visit bus stops, churches and other beautiful places in the villages around Pasewalk in autumn 2020. There the passengers will be invited by local actors* to participate in special features of the places and artistic actions.
More Information soon. 

aktuell komplimente film


In 2019 a film with ten short portraits about very different people from MV was created from the "Compliments project" in cooperation with Latücht-Film&Medien e.V. Despite problems and resistance, they all do not complain, but roll up their sleeves and tackle the situation with confidence. The film "Compliments" conveys a good mood, because the protagonists succeed without any effort to let sparks of optimism jump over to the audience*. The film goes on tour in MV in 2020. Read more in German


aktuel hiphop neu

The Youth Programme 2020 offers young people a wide range of regional and international projects. Hip hop, theatre, art, music, poetry slam... There is something for everyone between 13 and 23 years of age. Read more...
Next workshop: February 21-23 Hip Hop
A weekend Hip Hop lifestyle with Imran Khan! On the program: Two days of intensive training and lots of action for young people from the region between 13 and 25 years. Participation fee: 50,00€ (incl. board and lodging).


aktuel grenzlandMVWithin the framework of Vorpommern tanzt an - movin Bröllin TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund a production residence for dance is announced every year, which deals with the region Vorpommern and its people. For 2020, the jury of experts selected the Grenz.land project, a transdisciplinary dance piece with live music, video and installations, from over twenty international applications.
How does it feel to be moved in? The multimedia production of the international dance company 12H Dance deals with this question in a sensual, sound- and image-rich way in a dialogue with citizens from the Vorpommern region. The cooperation between the German-Argentinian-South Korean choreographer duo Yamila Khodr and Moonsuk Choi (12H dance), the Greek video artist Erato Tzavara, the Berlin composer Albrecht Ziepert and the Bröllin artist Anneli Ketterer (KunstAcker/Decrustate) expands the stage into public space with their installations across genres. The production is being developed at Schloss Bröllin and will be premiered in August 2020 in cooperation with the Theater Vorpommern. vorpommern-tanzt-an.de

aktuell KunstAcker visual

With the format "Up'n Acker", actions will take place every weekend from May to October 2020 on the KunstAcker (Art's Acre). In cooperation with the city's museum, projects will also be carried out in Pasewalk. In addition, further cooperation with artists* from the region is being considered and international art residencies are planned. More information coming soon underwww.kunstacker.org

To strengthen our team, we are looking for an employee* for press and public relations work as a part-time honorary employee with flexible working hours and the option of a permanent position. Read more in German


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