Youth work


The cultural youth work is an important part of the activities at Schloss Broellin. Workshops on theatre, painting, and Hip-Hop take place each year, as well as an international youth camp and the production of a musical. These activites are attractive offers of increasing popularity for youth in the Vorpommern-Greifswald region, as well as youth from Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Litauen, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
The association develops and runs the youth projects in cooperation with other initiatives and institutions involved regional youth work. Bröllin hosts ever more visiting youth projects, and takes in volunteers through the Youth for Europe programme as well as regional interns. The programme is completed by themed youth camps, concerts with young musicians from the region, and finally international youth work.
Divided into regional, German-Polish and international projects, there is an attractive selection of yearly projects designed for youth from 13-25 years of age. Previous knowledge of artistic work is no precondition to take part. A presentation of the work – in Broellin or elsewhere – marks the end of the project.

Regional/German-Polish/International The cultural youth work in Schloss Broellin is first and foremost for the youth in the region. Due to the geographical structure of the region, not all young people have access to cultural activities. At Schloss Broellin, artistic projects and youth work lives side by side, and gives the possibility of encounters and inspirations that further the experiences of both. 
Here, the youth have the possibility to be seen on stage and through this to overcome some of their personal boundaries and discover new courage and power. Theatre work gives them the possibility to play desired and feared roles, and through living this play with otherness test their own identities. The content and themes of the performance is developed together with the youth group and according to what they find important.

The German-Polish projects contribute to a regional consciousness as a border region. Even though Polen has become part of the EU, there are great differences, both culturally and materially. To give youth across the borders a chance to meet each other, and to learn to know the “other” is a goal of the German-Polish projects: to foster tolerance, respect and curiosity.

The International projects bring together participants both from EU countries and outside the EU, with the idea of “furthering horizons” and break apart clichés about other cultures that are still prevalent today. By doing a project together in Schloss Broellin, youth experience that these stereotypes are not true. Schloss Broellin’s “alternative nature” – both in the new conference centre and in the old buildings – has an unfinished feeling that animates the ideas of the young people in an exciting environment for them to explore.

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